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ubuntu linux for dummies paul g sery 9780470125052 - get acquainted with ubuntu and taste the freedom set up a workstation connect to a wireless network get online and more ubuntu is about community in this case the linux community which is pretty friendly, ubuntu hacks tips tools for exploring using and - ubuntu hacks tips tools for exploring using and tuning linux jonathan oxer kyle rankin bill childers on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers ubuntu linux the most popular linux distribution on the planet preserves the spirit embodied in the ancient african word ubuntu, linux vs windows a detailed comparison between ubuntu - linux vs windows has been a subject of debate since the inception of computers this article highlights the pros and cons of both the operating systems given a set of requirements it also attempts to show you which os would be best suited for you, linux for dummies cheat sheet dummies - from linux for dummies 9th edition by richard blum as an alternative to more widespread operating system open source linux is a little different but that doesn t mean you can t do normal things such as playing dvds with it, linux os books for dummies - linux r programming for dummies r is the fast and easy way to get up to speed on designing developing and debugging programs on the linux platform, the unix and linux forums free tech support - unix and linux shell scripting admin and programming help post awk bash csh ksh perl php python sed sh shell scripts and other shell scripting languages, live usb how do i make a bootable ubuntu usb ask ubuntu - how do i make an bootable ubuntu usb containing the the latest version of ubuntu for completeness how would i be able to do this on ubuntu windows os x or another linux distro, length of string unix linux forums - how can you find the length of the string contained in this variable i guess wc cannot be used its only for files, virtualbox access windows host shared folders from ubuntu - this is the scenario that you run windows as your host operating system and ubuntu in a virtualbox and that you want to access a specific windows folder from ubuntu, is it possible to use remote desktop from windows 7 to ubuntu - the protocol that windows desktop sharing uses is called rdp there is an rdp server implementation for linux called xrdp but development has fallen behind and the rdp client in windows 7 won t talk to the older version of rdp that it uses so if you want to connect to xrdp from windows 7 you have to copy the old rdp client mstsc exe and mstscax dll from a winxp install to the windows 7 box, gpon for dummies passive optical the geeky space - thegeekyspace is a site that dedicates it s mission to give the best how to s in the world of open source networking linux tools and any thing related to technologies, it security toolbox com - trends expert analysis research news and how to s to protect your assets against internal external malicious and accidental threats, 8 reasons to switch from windows 10 to linux - more free stuff sounds good right if you were to install ubuntu linux on your laptop you d have access to tons of software totally free of charge, git for dummies mediawiki - this is a very clear and simple cheat sheet that describes all you need in order to use the content tracker git and gerrit it should give you at least the minimal knowledge needed in order to push to all major repositories we use including these on github and other sites, python pandas get dummies stack overflow - thanks for contributing an answer to stack overflow please be sure to answer the question provide details and share your research but avoid asking for help clarification or responding to other answers, remove old kernels in ubuntu with one command - a while back i wrote a post on how to remove old kernels from your ubuntu system while that process works just fine it is a four step process one person who read that post left a comment with a nice command line one liner that removes all but the currently running kernel