Australia And The Vietnam War -

military history of australia during the vietnam war - australia s involvement in the vietnam war was driven largely by the rise of communism in southeast asia after the second world war and the fear of its spread which developed in australia during the 1950s and early 1960s following the end of the second world war the french had sought to reassert control over french indochina which had been occupied by japan, u s allies in the vietnam war - australia next to the south koreans australia provided the most military support to the united states in the vietnam war conflict capital division, conscription in australia wikipedia - conscription in australia or mandatory military service also known as national service has a controversial history dating back to the first years of nationhood australia currently only has provision for conscription during times of war, vietnam war simple english wikipedia the free encyclopedia - the vietnam war also known as second indochina war or american war in vietnam lasted from the 1 november 1955 30 of april 1975 19 years 5 months 4 weeks and 1 day it was fought between north vietnam and south vietnam north vietnam was supported by the soviet union china and north korea while south vietnam was supported by the united states thailand australia new zealand and the, australian involvement in the vietnam war rsl nsw - the vietnam war 1962 1975 served 49 211 died 520 wounded 2 396 men awarded the victoria cross 4 australian support for south vietnam in the early 1960s was in keeping with the policies of other nations to stem the spread of communism in europe and asia, boer war to vietnam national archives of australia - korean war 1950 53 on 25 june 1950 the north korean army invaded south korea elements of the australian navy army and air force still with the british commonwealth occupation force in japan were quickly committed to the war in korea, vietnam veterans association of australia - vietnam veterans association of australia inc the vietnam veterans association of australia inc website has been designed with two purposes in mind, vietnam australia s longest war vvaa - web site of the vietnam veterans association of australia including information about australia s involvement in the vietnam war as well as a range of current issues relating to australian vietnam veterans, nominal roll of vietnam veterans - welcome to the nominal roll of vietnam veterans the nominal roll of vietnam veterans lists approximately 61 000 men and women who served in the royal australian navy ran australian army and royal australian air force raaf in vietnam or in the waters adjacent to vietnam during the conflict between 23 may 1962 and 29 april 1975, the history place vietnam war 1965 1968 - february 4 1965 national security advisor mcgeorge bundy visits south vietnam for the first time in north vietnam soviet prime minister aleksei kosygin coincidentally arrives in hanoi february 6 1965 viet cong guerrillas attack the u s military compound at pleiku in the central highlands killing eight americans wounding 126 and destroying ten aircraft, what countries involved in the vietnam war - the main countries involved in the vietnam war were north and south vietnam south vietnam was backed by anti communist countries and members of the south east asia treaty organization seato which included the united states south korea australia the philippines new zealand thailand khmer republic later overthrown by khmer rouge kingdom of laos and republic of china taiwan, america s vietnam war in indochina u s history com - see vietnam war time table books you may like include nixon agonistes the crisis of the self made man by delete from one of america s most distinguished historians comes this classic analysis of richard nixon, vietnam war resources pilsch - websources those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it george santayana the life of reason volume 1 1905 to vietnam veterans welcome home, the women of the army nurse corps during the vietnam war - introduction the history of the army nurse corps anc in vietnam began in april 1956 when three army nurses arrived in saigon republic of vietnam