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astrophysics authors titles new arxiv - the recent radio observations mooley et al 2018 of a superluminal radio afterglow following grb 170817a are interpreted in terms of a jet impacting a baryonic cloak which is presumably the material caught at the front of the jet as the latter emerges from a denser ejected material, conferences and meetings on astronomy astrophysics and - the sbf aps s o paulo school of advanced science on experimental neutrino physics sbf aps sp sasen proposes to disseminate information and methods in the area especially to young students and researchers interested in neutrino physics, 7 dimension 3 disciplinary core ideas earth and space - 7 dimension 3 disciplinary core ideas earth and space sciences e arth and space sciences ess investigate processes that operate on earth and also address its place in the solar system and the galaxy thus ess involve phenomena that range in scale from the unimaginably large to the invisibly small, harvard university nasa ads search - adshelp at cfa harvard edu the ads is operated by the smithsonian astrophysical observatory under nasa cooperative agreement nnx16ac86a, how good are those young earth arguments hovind s proofs - 1 the shrinking sun argument contains two errors the worst by far is the assumption that if the sun is shrinking today then it has always been shrinking that s a little like watching the tide go out and concluding that the water level must have fallen at that rate since the earth began, the curious case of earth s leaking atmosphere phys org - however our magnetosphere shield does have its weaknesses at earth s poles the field lines are open like those of a standard bar magnet these locations are named the polar cusps, faq the great magnet the earth - 1 what is magnetic flux and what are flux lines i am retired from ibm i love to read about space and astrophysics when reading about the magnetic force flux lines are mentioned, is dark matter made of primordial black holes phys org - the nature of the dark matter which apparently makes up 80 of the mass of the particles in the universe is still one of the great unsolved mysteries of present day sciences, the fractal holographic universe - note this is an introductory article covering the most basic principles of the fractal holographic universe theory for a more in depth understanding of the physics involved please read quantum gravity and the holographic mass nassim haramein s life long investigation into the geometry of space has led to his publication of several scientific papers in which he presents a new solution, the solar faq solar neutrinos and other solar oddities - nuclear fusion is the only process reasonably capable of powering the sun and one product of this fusion is invisible particles called neutrinos but why don t we observe as many solar neutrinos as theory would predict