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talking to the enemy religion brotherhood and the un - talking to the enemy is atran s impassioned call for evidence based policy but it s also an ambitious survey of culture and violence research is the trump card here played often and well david shariatmadari the guardian, what terrorists want understanding the enemy containing - what terrorists want by louise richardson is a level headed and sane analysis of terrorism both as a tactic and idea i think it s hard for the targets of terrorism to describe acts that we see as so irrational as having some grounding in rationality but that s the first thing that is established terrorists are rational actors, good hacks by anonymous business insider - the vendetta mask in its natural setting stian eikeland it s easy to think of the hacking group anonymous as a group of punk troublemakers raising hell online some have even debated whether their extra legal protests should be labeled terrorist acts, strategies for talking and listening talking with kids - talking about the news with kids happens in everyday moments children ask questions in the car on the way to school in between pushes on the swings and just when you re trying to rush out the door, why obama isn t talking to america s enemies - as someone who s done it i can tell you that talking to terrorists is pretty unpleasant when you ve seen the horrors they inflict on civilians you don t really want to sip their tea or endure their bland rationalizations, 4 reasons why black lives matter protestors are domestic - the situation is even more damning for black lives matter terrorists when actual statistics are used just as blacks in a nearly 30 year period committed over half of all homicides being just 13 of the population blacks have more negative interactions with the police, why muslim men become terrorists return of kings - while the transcendental aspect of religious terrorism explains why people might uproot their lives and move to another country it doesn t explain why others in the west excuse or rationalize the behavior of terrorists, israel s security fence jewish virtual library - along much of the frontier separating israel from the west bank there are either no barriers of any kind or easily avoidable ones in response to dozens of suicide bombings and daily terrorist attacks against its civilians israel decided to construct a security fence near the green line to prevent palestinian terrorists from, 1 000 domestic terrorists are being investigated by the - the director of the fbi told a congressional committee that his agency is currently pursuing 1 000 investigations into domestic terrorists including far right extremists and anti abortion activists, answers to the top 10 questions asked about benghazi msnbc - political drama ensued on thursday morning when hillary clinton began her testimony before the republican led house committee investigating the 2012 attack that killed four americans in benghazi libya, 72 types of americans that are considered potential - the groups of people in the list above are considered problems that need to be dealt with in some of the documents referenced above members of the military are specifically warned not to have anything to do with such groups we are moving into a very dangerous time in american history, terrorists could use teslas to kill us weeklystandard com - the second thing to recognize about cyber security is that attack is much easier than defense attackers can probe from multiple points such as previously hacked computers or servers rented with stolen credit card information, bin laden s son is poised to unify terrorists worldwide - bin laden s son is poised to unify terrorists worldwide hamza bin laden isn t just being prepared for a leadership role in his father s organization, shooters of color are called terrorists and thugs why - anthea butler is an associate professor of religion and africana studies at the university of pennsylvania police are investigating the fatal shooting of nine african americans at emanuel ame church in charleston s c as a hate crime committed by a white man unfortunately it s not a unique, how does jesse jackson do it slate magazine - the rev jesse jackson has a long and winning record of springing american hostages from the hands of despots in addition to slobodan milosevic jackson has also persuaded hafez al assad fidel castro and saddam hussein to set american captives free, how i escaped from islamic state s sexual slavery abc - at 17 farida was kidnapped raped and sold as a sex slave to islamic state terrorists this is the story of her extraordinary escape, kenyan police vow to finish and punish westgate cnn - nairobi kenya cnn several gunmen remain inside a besieged mall in nairobi kenya two senior officials said as a deadly standoff between kenyan forces and terrorists stretches into a fourth day kenya s interior ministry tweeted late monday that authorities were in control of the westgate, montreal mother s odyssey to rescue daughter from isis - amina was always talking about the children in syria saeeda said she believes this made her daughter vulnerable to isis recruitment aided by online videos and other material