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talking to the enemy religion brotherhood and the un - an illuminating work of religious and cultural anthropology talking to the enemy traces terrorism s root causes in human evolution and history touching on the nature of faith the origins of society the limits of reason and the power of moral values through rigorous fieldwork and nuanced investigation scott atran reminds us that terrorists are social beings influenced by the, the u s does negotiate with terrorists foreign policy - passport the u s does negotiate with terrorists islamist extremists capture a young westerner holding him hostage for years to secure the young man s release and his life the united, good hacks by anonymous business insider - the vendetta mask in its natural setting stian eikeland it s easy to think of the hacking group anonymous as a group of punk troublemakers raising hell online some have even debated whether, terrorists in love true life stories of islamic radicals - terrorists in love true life stories of islamic radicals ken ballen peter l bergen on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers now in paperback revealing often touching interviews with six young islamic men whose stories cast a revealing light on an exotic, strategies for talking and listening talking with kids - talking about the news with kids happens in everyday moments children ask questions in the car on the way to school in between pushes on the swings and just when you re trying to rush out the door, scott atran on why people become terrorists schneier on - scott atran on why people become terrorists scott atran has done some really interesting research on why ordinary people become terrorists academics who study warfare and terrorism typically don t conduct research just kilometers from the front lines of battle, are all terrorists muslims it s not even close - not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims how many times have you heard that one sure we heard fox news s brian kilmeade say it but to me that was simply part of, 8 ways terrorists use the internet for recruitment - the department of homeland security cites three ways young people find sites to become radicalized browsing for entertainment searching for a community to belong to looking for information related to heritage traditions or ideologies associated with a particular radical group knowing this terrorists are able to tailor their efforts to find the most likely recuits, dubai celebrity chef could face prosecution for anti islam - kochhar who was born in india is a renowned international celebrity chef tv star and author of three best selling cookery books rang mahal is his first fine dining indian cuisine restaurant, margaret atwood said 9 11 terrorists got the idea from - now author margaret atwood is connecting something else to the famous science fiction franchise the 9 11 attacks in an interview published by variety on tuesday atwood speaks about a pre 9 11, by obsessing on hindu terror digvijaya singh helped real - by obsessing on hindu terror digvijaya singh helped real terrorists escape ex mha undersecretary rvs mani see what else he had to say, in newly released recordings trump says he groped melania - trump discusses the relative hotness of his wives and almost every other female celebrity of the moment and his feelings about his daughter ivanka, fbi reports show terror suspects coming from canada while - donald trump keeps talking about the threat from the u s mexico border but he may be looking in the wrong direction fbi reports reviewed by the daily beast reveal that far more suspected, war on terror scam in america jesus is savior com - in 70 bc an ambitious minor politician and extremely wealthy man marcus licinius crassus wanted to rule rome just to give you an idea of what sort of man crassus really was he is credited with invention of the fire brigade, answers to the top 10 questions asked about benghazi msnbc - the stakes are high for the democratic presidential frontrunner here are answers to the top 10 most asked questions about benghazi on google, unmask antifa bill promises jail time for violent left - unmask antifa bill promises jail time for violent left wing terrorists politicians come up with a solution to the terrorist group s attacks